What we do…

We build ecosystem-based collaboration platforms to help organizations navigate and adapt to the demands of the contemporary technology landscape. We convert user insights into workflows for persistent process innovation in order to:

Maximize networked efficiencies;

Accelerate collaborative innovation; and

Build dynamic resilience in organizational structures.

Our Philosophy…

Our company is organized around some very simple principles:

We reject cynicism because we believe in the goodness of the human spirit and brilliance of the human mind;

We reject the arrogance of certainty because we value the power of transformational learning; and

We believe in the power of diversity and inclusion because empowerment is the most durable vehicle for innovation.

We like what we do and those for whom we do it!

Integrity, Vision, Courage, and Grit are the principal qualities that define all that we do and how we do it.

Passion for what we do is what drives us to do it every day!

Message from our Founder


At Cylitix, our goal is not to address tactical challenges with technology fixes, but rather to trigger broader process and cultural changes to create durable innovation outcomes for the community we serve.

Why?   Because we have no choice but to adapt rapidly to the demands of an increasingly complex world.  We believe we can help build adaptive structures and processes without resorting to lengthy, complicated, and redundant efforts.

How?   Network approaches work best when we build on a foundation of shared purpose and shared value. What is worse than the foolishness of reinventing the wheel is the tragedy of reinventing a wheel that does not work! Smart ecosystem approaches can significantly reduce inefficiencies, increase learning, and accelerate innovative outcomes.

We strive to give practical meaning to ‘innovation’ and learn from the human experiences that are at the center of the challenges we solve. Not all those challenges are equal in terms of scale, scope, and complexity. However, at Cylitix, we agree that human-centered design is a no-brainer and that the value of a properly-constructed ecosystem far exceeds the sum of its parts!

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