Your innovation scouting experience has been upgraded!

Joint Experimentation

We integrated unique role-based and multi-phased workflows to enable joint experimentation and accelerate assessment-to-decision reporting to PEOs and USG stakeholders.

What does it mean?

Enhanced Assessments

We implemented major performance upgrades to the assessment capability and added new comparative and reporting tools to enhance your analytical experience.

What does it mean?

Dynamic Security

We implemented additional identity and Multi-Factor authentication controls, supported by a fully compliant NIST 800-171 architecture for enhanced data protection, including CUI.

What does it mean?

You are part of an ecosystem that is increasingly more connected!

ec·o·sys·tem: a biological community of interacting organisms and their physical environment.

The Vulcan ecosystem has grown to include new organizations within Special Operations Forces, the Uniformed Services, Combatant Commands, as well as IC and Federal Agencies in the National Security enterprise.

We scaled the application to support new users from over 950 U.S. Government organizations who joined Vulcan in 2022

We enhanced identity and affiliation controls to track scouting activities along organizational hierarchies

We created additional engagement workflows to support joint experimentation processes and events. I.e., Vulcan supported the end-to-end process for Trident Spectre in 2022.

We implemented various application performance improvements to streamline Vulcan computational modules and user experience. We also began the implementation of web design strategies to promote sustainable digital products and services within the Vulcan architecture.


Government Organizations


Active Users

You have the tools to conduct joint experimentation and spur process innovation!

knowl·edge: the fact or condition of knowing something with familiarity gained through experience; acquaintance with or understanding of a science, art, or technique.
ex·per·i·men·ta·tion: the action or process of trying and potentially validating novel concepts, methods, and/or capabilities within an operationally relevant setting.

Vulcan supports multi-phase scouting processes through connected workflows that allow Government users to maintain the integrity of specific submissions while allowing content owners to adapt their input to emerging Government requirements.

We added the capability for Government to create custom submission requirements and questionnaires.

We added submission draft capabilities to allow for improved experience and more collaborative submissions from capability developers.

We added a new Rough-Order-of-Magnitude (ROM) tool to the submission workflow for improved selection analysis.

We added full readiness timelines to scout cards with requisite analytics visualization for pattern recognition and input validation.

Vulcan allows Government users to design and apply a multi-phased process in pursuit of viable innovations. It does so by allowing them to increasingly connect scouting activities explicitly into a ‘process’ that can be improved, repeated, and/or shared.

We enhanced the process to initiate assessments from multiple discovery activities including organic search and external calls for capabilities.

We enhanced Government capability to template processes and accelerate innovation scouting performance through replication and sharing.

We are connecting custom submission requirements downstream for specific filtering and contextual search through innovation pipelines.

Your technology assessments support acquisition and leadership decisions!

as·sess: to determine the importance, size, or value of a problem or solution; to determine the significance, worth, or condition of an entity by careful appraisal and study.

Vulcan provides multi-team assessment capabilities with the flexibility to define diverse criteria and metrics. It also allows Government users to create assessment templates for re-use and/or sharing with other Government partners. In this update, we have implemented significant performance upgrades to the computational models and extended the capability as follows:

We continued to enhance the comparative analysis and visualization capabilities.

We continue to augment advanced filtering and editing across the assessment capability.

We implemented dynamic assignments in different display modes for assessment leads and team managers.

We enhanced computational modules to support real-time asessments across multi-team structures.

Use comparative analytics to inform organizational and stakeholder decisions

Vulcan enables Government teams to conduct comparative assessments based on user-defined correlations of Key Performance Parameters. This capability allows you to develop analytically-rich assessment models, which can be deployed to diverse teams. Government assessors are able to:

Create hierarchical structures for their teams with role-based access for assignments and progress management;

Create flexible criteria models for their assessments and save them into templates for future use.

Use advanced filtering to identify top performers based on key attributes and metrics

Vulcan provides assessment teams craftsmen tools to categorize and select technologies based on specific assessment priorities and/or technology attributes. Government assessors can identify top performers based on specific criteria/metrics for targeted selection. They are able to:

Leverage advanced filtering techniques to identify groupings of technologies for either assignment or selection to move to the next phase (i.e., second-phase assessment, Event invitation, etc.).

Use the comparative visualization tool to explore specific slices of the assessment data for alignment with specific considerations and/or priorities (i.e., operations vs acquisition).

A secure and scalable platform on GovCloud(US)

Vulcan is an Unclassified platform that is hosted on GovCloud(US) with requisite infrastructure and processes that provide for a safe and scalable environment to perform innovation scouting and engagement.

We completed NIST 800-171 Rev.2 audit and System Security Plan (SSP) in compliance with DFARS 252.204-7008  and 252.204-7012

We are enhancing security control families per NIST SP 800-53 Rev. 5

We are implementing Zero Trust Architecture (ZTA) guidance per White House Memorandum M-22-09 issued in January 2022 consistent with Executive Order (EO 14028).

We implemented and deployed multiple security patches and updates as part of regular application and infrastructure auditing and monitoring.

The platform is available 24/7 and is accessible in a role-based and affiliation-aware manner irrespective of your location or device.*

Users need to be aware of the Vulcan Privacy Policy and Terms of Use, as well as fully comply with on-screen instructions regarding the upload of information into the platform.

*Note: For security reasons certain IPs and OCONUS locations may be prohibited from accessing the platform, which reflects the dynamic security approach used by Vulcan. If you have any questions about access from specific locations, please contact our support team.

In a world of increasing complexity and interdependence, a connected ecosystem makes all the difference!

The intersection between a global pandemic and global conflict taught us that matching the speed of contemporary challenges requires the full velocity of an Ecosystem. We learned that digital tools can  enable humans to move at the speed of relevance and to effectively navigate the innovation landscape in support of National Security. 

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